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Build a cage without chemically treated wood in Hong Kong

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We would like to build a cage for our two chinchillas and are wondering where we could buy timber that hasn't been chemically treated. Also, who could cut the wood to our specifications and where can we buy the necessary hinges and so on?

Hop Sze Timber 1425 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai.sells a selection of timber for indoor and Outdoor use that hasn't been chemically treated. You can choose from pmc, mapte. onk or a mixed light hardwood, all available in a variety of sizes, Bear in mind, however, that untreated timber will need to be painted if you want the wood to retain its appearance and to prevent warping irom exposure to the elements.

You can apply this safely with an environmentally friendLy, weather-proof and UV repellent wood stain. The German brand Osmo makes a range that is derived from plants and is safe for animals and children $240 a 500ml can from Hop Sze Timber; wiw.osmo,del.

Depending on the complexity of your design, Hop Sze Timber should be able to cut the Wood for you. lf not, the English speaking staff could direct you to a wood shop nearby that will do so for a small fee. If the wood requires precise culling, it might he better to approach a carpenter, who would also be abe to assemble the cages for you. Ask around for recommendations, contact the Community Advice Burea or look in Dollarsaverr or the Town Crier.

For a good range of hardware at reasonable pnces, try Wing Lee Hardware.

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