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Can you give me some tips on making my home safer for young children?

Apartments in Hong Kong are often a long way from the ground, and therefore window locks should be installed on any windows that could be accessable to a child. We can fit these locks, or alternatively small fastners to ensure the window cannot open fully.

I would also install lockable latches on any kitchen and bathroom cabinets that contain dangerous materials such as medicines or cleaning chemicals. Never assume that hazardous products stored up high and out of reach - kids love to climb.

Electrical sockets are magnets for tiny explorative fingers, so attach plug covers to all outlets and switches. Any sharp corners on coffee tables or low units also can be covered with small cushioned bumps.

A home with stairs should have gates at the top and bottom and to prevent squished digits. You might want to Install finger guards on hinged doors and locks on sliding or folding doors.

Make sure there are sufficient smoke detectors throughout the home. You might want to invest in a cordless phone, which will allow you to keep an eye on young children while you're chatting. A time when accidents often happen!.

Ebabyasia is an excellent online source of all the items above.

Otherwise. you can visit the store at Shop 1 B, G/F Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty (tel; 28108622].

Visit the American Pregnancy Association.


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