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Clean up stained sofa and upholstery in Hong Kong

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Having three children, my sofa upholstery has become rather grubby and stained. How do I clean it and how can I protect it from future accidents?

First you have to establish the types of stains and hence the cleaning solutions you will need to use. Internationally, the furniture industry has developed a "cleanability" code that is helpful when trying to ascertain how to clean upholstered furniture. Look for coded labels on the undersides of cushions or backs of the furniture which will tell you what type of cleaner you should use.

These include; W: Use a water-based cleaner W5: Use a water or solvent-based cleaner S: Use a dry-cleaning solvent X; None of the above can be used, Clean fabric by vacuuming or brushing or have furniture professionally cleaned,

Tak Ho Curtains 152 Oueen's Road East, Wan Chai. Tel: 2B04 2091 will send someone to your home to clean your sofa. It costs $900 for a three seater and the same price to apply a protective coaling.

If you can't find a coded label on your sofa, but feel confident the fabric can be spot cleaned, you could try a foam or spray up hoistery cleaner about $8O from Wing On department stores! Alternatively, mix half a teaspoon of washing-up liquid into a cup of water, beat with a fork or whisk to create some good suds, sponge on to the sofa then blot dry with a cloth. Always sponge, never wipe or scrub, and remove cushions from the covers to prevent any chance of mildew. Before you attempt any type of cleaning formula, test first in an unseen area for colour fastness.

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