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Fix a wobbly door on an Ikea wardrobe

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After moving flat several times, my Ikea wardrobe is a bit wobbly and won't close properly. How can I fix it?

To stop the wobbling, you could try tightening up the screws on all corners of the frame (you may need an Allen key or Phillips screwdriver for this.

If it still seems shaky, you could try fitting some right-angled metal or white plastic brackets to the inside corners of the wardrobe.

To find out why the doors aren't closing properly, inspect the hinges to see where the movements aren't smooth, Try adjusting the two grub headless screws in the hinges with 11 Phillips screwdriver. Supporting the door with one hand, adjust the screws a half turn at a time in either direction to see if you can solve the problem.

A hinge might be broken or damaged, in which case you could buy a replacement at Ikea or take the hinge to a hardware store to buy one of a similar size, If the hinges seem fine, it may be that the screw holes have become so large that the screws are no longer gripping. You could try plugging up the holes using a piece of wooden chopstick or buy some bigger screws.

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