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Fix or repair a difficult to slide patio door in Hong Kong in Hong Kong

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My patio door is difficult to slide open. Any ideas on how I can remedy this?

The most common cause of sticky patio doors is debris in the lower racks, dropped by people and animals walking over them when they enter and exit.

Whenever you vacuum the adjacent floors, take extra time in cleaning the door's' tracks. If your vacuum cleaner comes with a small brush attachment. all the better.

Once clean, apply a lubricant such as WD40 or grease $15 and $12 respectively from Yuen Fat Ho, 77 Hollywood Road, tel: 2546 80201 to both the upper and lower tracks to keep the hardware clean and operating freely.

If you still have trouble, the rollers all the bottom of the door may have started to rub against the track. The rollers top can also wear down, lowering the door so that the bottom edge rubs along the track.

Most sliding doors have adjusting screws on their bottom outside edges. Turning this screw will raise or lower the rollers. To test this, take a Philips screwdriver and give the screw one turn clockwise and see if the door slides more easily. Naturally, if it feels more difficult, turn the screw in the other direction and test again.

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