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Hang a picture onto tough, hard concrete walls in Hong Kong

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Being a DIY enthusiast in my native United States, I thought putting up pictures here would be a cinch. However, nails didn't even leave a dent and I broke a drill bit when I tried a drill. Any tips?

While Ihe majority of walls in American homes comprise plasterboard and timber studs, in Hong Kong walls are constructed in cement reinforced by steel bars. Domestic Black & Decker style drills won't penetrate these walls - you need to invest in a heavy duty model which can accommodate an SDS masonry drill bit with full hammer action.

Although these drills are designed for industrial use, you can buy an attachment that accommodates regular drill bils so you can use it on regular steel or timber! Once the holes are dnlled you will need to insert plastic Rawplugs and screws in the same size as the drill bit.

With lighter pictures you can use hammer in hooks available from any hardware store. They are white plastic hooks with three small nails attached and the key to hammering them in is to hit all three nails at the same time.

For heavy items, such as an antique mirror, you will need a coach bolt - a stud bolt, with a nut on the end which when tightened, expands to grip the inside of a hole.

Drills can be purchased from Luen Fat Electrical Engineering 84a Thomson Road. Wan Chal, td: 2893 19351.

All hardware is available from Wing Lok Hardware at 151. Wellington Street, Central. Tel: 2544 2345.

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