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Hang towel rail without drilling through the tiles in Hong Kong

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We have just moved into a new rented apartment and would like to hang towel racks and pictures in the bathrooms. The walls are tiled and we'd prefer not to drill as I suspect we'll be charged for the tile replacement on leaving. We've tried suction cups as well as adhesive pads to no avail and even tried cement glue and super glue but nothing seems to work.

Bathrooms are naturally humid environments, and as you've found, moisture will loosen the hold of a suction pad and dilute the adhesiveness of glue. If you really don't want to drill, I would say the only thing you could try would be water-based silicone, which creates a strong bond between ceramic and metal.

Depending on exactly what you plan to hang on the racks and hooks, silicone should be strong enough to support, say, one towel, and when it comes to leaving, it can be easily removed with a razor blade or scraper.

If you don't have success with the silicone, you may have no choice but to opt for floor-standing towel rails try branches of Wing On, tel; 23182454, or 5090 in Causeway Bay, tel; 2833 8338,

Silicon guns are available at Wing Lee Hardware at 154 Wellington Street, Central

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