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How do I lay timber decking in my garden in Hong Kong

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I'm thinking of laying timber decking in my garden. Is this something I could tackle myself?

Constructing timber decking is relatively straightforward. Basically you construct a frame from wooden joists and then add deckboards to create a flat surface.

Mark out the area you want your deck to occupy with wooden pegs and string. This will help you visualise the size of the finished decking and also serve as a guide when preparing the site. Cut the four side joists that will form the outer frame of the decked area, and for the inside. cut the vertical floor joists that will be placed at 40cm intervals. Treat all cut ends with end sea preservative. Place all the joists in position and assemble the framework using three 7.5cm screws in pre-drilled holes at every joint.

You can now fit the decking boards on top. Cut the deckboards to length and seal all the cut ends with preservative. Place the first board flush with the face of the joist at the front on the deck and fix using 5cm screws in pre-drilled holes. Install the remaining boards leaving a 3mm gap between the boards to allow for any expansion of the timber. Finish by fitting fascia boards to conceal the end of the deckboards.

All materials are available from Hop Sze Timber at 420 Lockhart Road. Wan Chai [tel: 2833 60691. Treated pine costs $180 for a 2.8cm x 14.5cm x 300cm plank $210 for a 1.4cm x 7cm x 30 km piece of deckboard.

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