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How do a repair sun damaged wood in Hong Kong

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How do a repair sun damaged wood?

The bubbling and cracking are caused by the sun's ultra violet, rays drying out the wood. First, use a good paint stripper, ones which are water based are less harsh and easy to clean up $65 a litre - and strip the paint off until only the wood is visible. Thiswill prevent the wood drying and cracking further.

You could choose an exterior or marine varnish Australian Bonuex costs $150 a liter, it will soak into the timber and provide protection from harmful rays. If you want to paint the door make sure you use high quality gloss finish made for exterior timber. Apply in thin coats rather than 1 single thick coating.

All materials are available at Yuen Fat Ho. Hollywood Road, Central, tel: 25468931, or from most Wan Chai paint shops.

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