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How do I repair bathroom tiles in Hong Kong

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My guest bathroom is new but a crack has appeared across the centre of one wall, possibly because of the wall behindl. How do I replace the cracked tiles without damaging the surrounding ones and what are the chances or the crack reappearing?

First make sure you can find matching tiles or something similar. If the work was earned quite recently you will probably be able to track them down at tile retailers in Lockhart Road, Wan Chai; better still, contact the contractor who carried out the job.

To remove the tiles without damaging others involves a little patience, a hammer and a chisel available from most hardware shops.

Use the hammer to knock the chisel carefully along the grouting seams and chip the cracked tiles out piece by piece. Tiles will sometimes come off the wall in one piece, depending on what adhesive was used. The masonery underneath will probably have a large crack in it, which will have to be properly filled and treated. I recommend Selleys No More Gaps $22 from hardware shops, which contains XM3 polymer for maximum flexibility and durability.

It comes in eight colours, is Water and UV-resistant and can also be used as grouting when the tiles ara replaced. To affix new tiles, use resin-fortified tile Gripper by Alcoflex, $20 from Yuen Fat Ho. 77 Hollywood Road. Central. teL 2546 8020, mix with water.

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