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How to hang a wallpaper border in Hong Kong

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Can you give me some tips on hanging a wallpaper border in my child's nursery?

You will need a tape measure, Stanley knife, spirit level, bucket, sponge and an optional steam roller. First. decide whether you want to hang the border near the ceiling or half-way down the wall. [If you're thinking or painting the walls in two colours, a mid-way border is a good way of covering up a crossover line. Many of the walls and ceilings in Hong Kong buildings are not truly level, or square, and hanging a level border near a sloping ceiling will only accentuate the fact that it's uneven, In this case you may choose to follow the line of the ceiling, or alternatively, establish a level line further down the wall.

To create a level border, pencil-mark the position you would like the top of the border, by measuring down from the ceiling or up from the floor, whichever is easier. Using the spirit level. mark a line along the wall, making sure the bubble is continually centered,

When you hang the border. start and end in the least conspicuous corner of the room so it will be less noticeable if a pattern doesn't match up. If you're hanging near to the ceiling, above a door is a good spot. If your border has a pattern, cut off a section so that the first edge sits half-way between motifs. When the end strip comes round, matching up the background area will be much easier than trying to match up a motif precisely.

Most borders are pre-pasted where you simply have to dip the border in water to activate the adhesive.1f your border isn't pre-pasted, you can use any wallpaper paste. Using a clean brush, paint a thin layer of the adhesive on the back of the border and apply evenly on the wall, smoothing up and down 'from edge to edge. When you are handling the border, fold the pasted sides together to keep the adhesive moist and stop you gelling into a mess. Align the top edge of the border to just conceal your pencil line and press down firmly, using a seam roller or brush to assist you. Wipe away excess glue with a damp cloth or sponge!

All the above tools and powdered paste [Metylan at $25 a packet]l are available at Yuen Fat Ho, 77 Hollywood Road, tel; 2546 8931.

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