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I would like to Improve the locks on my front door. What is the best and easiest type to Install?

The most efficient type is a deadbolt lock which can be installed above your existing lock. Buy a good quality dead bolt kit, tape the paper template provided to the door at a comfortable height and mark the centre points of the two holes you will need to drill.

Using a hole saw, bore a hole of the diameter recommended into the door face. Keep the drill level and stop just as the tip of the hole breaks through the other side. Finish from the other side to stop the face splitting.

Using a spade bit of the size recommended in the kit, drill a hole in to the door edge. Set the side plate in its hole and pencil in an outline. Scribe in the pencil marks with a Stanley knife and using a 3/4 -inch chisel, cut out a mortise [rectangular cavity) to match the size and depth of the latch plate, Insert the latch bolt and fix in place using two screws.

To locate the strike position on your door frame, chalk the end of the bolt, close the door and turn the bolt to make a mark on the door frame . Using a spade bit, drill a hole in the centre of your mark, deep enough for the bolt to engage fully into the frame. Then chisel out a mortise for the strike plate which should sit flush with your door frame. Fix this in place using two screws.

All materials available from Win Lee Hardware Shop, 154 Wellington Street, Central tel; 2544 23451.

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