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Make a balcony child safe in Hong Kong

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There are relatively large spaces between the steel railings on my balcony. How can I safeguard them from my toddler who is starting to dimb?

The easiest approach would be to block the gaps with clear perspex. That way you won't block out light of any existing view. Perspex comes in 5mm thick sheets measuring 1.2 metres by 2.4 metres. Make a simple sketch of your railing area.

Mark the height and width of the perspex needed and take your drawing to one of the perspex shops along Lockhart Road in Wan Chai or Do Hay Plastic Advertising Company in Central 19 Gage Street. Tel; 2541 07191.

The shop will cut the perspex to size and finish the edges for you. To attach to the railings. drill holes at the corners of the perspex with a 6.5mm drill bit. Thread pieces of steel wire through the holes and tie around the rails.

Alternatively, you can drill holes directly into the railings and fix the perspex on with selftapping screws (screws that create their own threadl. Make sure the holes are a size smaller than the screws. All materials can be purchased from Wing Lee Hardware 1154 Wellinglon Street. CentraL Tel: 2544 2315.

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