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Rejuvinate roof terrace tiles lost color in Hong Kong

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The floor of my roof terrace is covered with Canton tiles but they have lost much of their colour and gloss. How, and with what, can I put some life back into them and simultaneously make sure they are waterproof?

If the tiles have faded badly, try restoring colour by painting the entire area with an Oil-based paint specially for outdoor surfaces, followed by a coat of oil-based exterior varnish. such as Bondex, which costs $280 for 2.5 litres.

Alternatively, concentrate only on the faded patches. Coloured powder $30 for a 50-gram. Mix with water and blend into the tiles using a brush.

If you cannot get the correct colour match or cannot find a ready mixed colour, try making your own. Buy small pots of enamel paint and mix each byexperiment until you get it right. Failing that take a broken piece of tile or a spare one, to a paint shop, where they should be able to match the colour for you.

There are many waterproofing products on the market. such as Shalex. a waterproof clear glaze $350 for 4.5 Itrs !! and Dip, for tiles, exterior walls and masonery. It can be applied with a brush, spray or roller. All products can be purchased from Yuen Fat Ho 77 Hollywood Road, Central: tel: 2546 8201.

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