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Renew a granite worktop stained by cooking oil in Hong Kong

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We've installed a new, light-coloured granite worktop in our kitchen but it has already become badly stained by spitting cooking oil. Is there any way I can remove the stains, and how should I seal the stone to prevent the problem from reoccurring?

The first thing I would try would be Miracle Stain Remover from Wing On department stores or A&A Building Supplies; 105-111 Thomson Road, Wan Chai. Tel~ 2572 4381 -Alkaline based H69 solution which costs $80 a liter.

You simply soak a cloth with the solution, rub on and blow to dry, then repeat if necessary.

To protect your worktop from further damage, you could try A&A Building Supplies. IDS water proofer [$240 a litre) which can be applied with a brush or cloth on granite or marble. Alternatively, you could use Plasti Kotc's Clear Acrylic OJ moisture-resistant seal that gives a matt finish ; at Yuen Fat Ho, 771 Hollywood Road, Central Tel: 2546 0201.

With all these products you should test first in an inconspicuous area, such as under the countertop to check the stone doesn't react badly to the chemicals.

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