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Repair a damaged door and lock in Hong Kong

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My three year old toddler recently locked himself In his room and I had to kick the door in. How can I fix It?

First you have to decide whether you can just fix the damaged areas, or need to replace the entire door. Nine times out of 10 it may be easier to replace it with a new one, as Internal doors are usually just a framework of two-by-one-inch timber lengths coverred with plywood veneer. Hence, Its difffcult to make them look presentable once damaged.

If the door is going to be painted anyway you could try cutting out the damaged veneer and piecing a new bit in, using glue and panel pins, covering the joints with wood filler and then finishing with a coat of paint.

If you plan to replace the door, unscrew the hinges [usually two or three) from the frame, measure the exact dimensions of the damaged door and take the measurements to your timber merchant to have a replacement made. Shim Shing Timber [176 Wellington Street, Central. tel: 285061611] can also paint or lacquer a door to order for around $400.

On the new door, mark in exact hinge locations to match the door frame then, using a hand saw, cut down three-quarters of an inch along the marks. Cut out the areas using a wood chisel and hammer, taking care not to split the edges. Re-attach the hinges to the door then attach the new door to the frame.

Finally. remove the handle from your old door and duplicate all the cuts and holes on the new door.

You can buy a lock installation kit [$45 from Wing Lee Hardware) - basically drill bits that will create holes to fit all standard locks. When drilling the large hole where the handle will slot into, start from one side of the door and stop just as the drill tip comes through and finish the hole from the other side. This will prevent the door face from splitting.


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