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Repair loose grouting in the bathroom in Hong Kong

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The grouting between my bathroom tiles and the silicone around the sink and bath are loose in places. How do I renew them?

Using a utility knife, can opener or ideally specially designed grout tool, scrape out all the loose grout and remove all the silicone seals. Mix a new batch of grout $45 per 2kg bag, according to the manufacturer's instructions, then fill in all the gaps with a sponge or squeegee held at a 45-degrees.

Using the handle of an old toothbrush, smooth along the grout joints, then clean off any excess grout from the tiles before it dries. Once dry, polish the tiles with a damp cloth.

To replace new seals, carefully run a bead of silicone around the sink and bath using a silicone gun. Before it cures, steadily run a wet finger along the top of the silicone to create a smooth seal. Don't press too hard. If you have sensitive skin, wear rubber gloves and don't use the bath or sink until the silicone is fully cured. All tools and materials are available from Yuen Fat Ho, 77 Hollywood Road, Central, tel: 2546 80201.

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