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Repair large cracks in wooden flooring in Hong Kong

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Large cracks have formed in my parquet floor. What's the best way of filling them in before sanding and re-sealing?

You can fill in the cracks with Colour Wood Filler from the German brand Available in a wide range of timber shades including beech, oak llight and dark maple and cherry and white and clear, and costs $32 a tube from Hop Sze Timber Company 1425 Lockhart Road, Wan 283360691.

Apply it with a plastic scraper or a cloth, I'd work it into thee cracks with a slight circular motion. making sure the filler is packed into the gap, Work quickly andremove surplus filler before it dries. If you thilnk your flooring will suffer from movement you might need it silicone based

Wood filler called 'No More Gaps' by Austratian firm Sellee'sapplied with a silicon gun. It also comes in a variety of colours and expands and contractswith the flooring - $18 a tube from Hoi Sze Timber Company.

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