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Repair and fix mould covered walls in Hong Kong

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Our apartment is plagued with mould and we need to have the whole flat repainted. What Is the best type of paint to use to stop it reappearing and what should we use to treat the affected surfaces before we paint?

Before doing anything you could try washing the walls and ceiling with diluted bleach and leaving them to dry overnight. You could then apply a water-based fungicide treatment from Permaglaze $70 a tin from hardware stores; using a spray brush or roller: again, let it dry overnight. When it comes to repainting, there are several products available that have strong mould resistant properties. Levine Mouldshield is mould resistant, and gloss emulsion paint $70 11 litre: $260 for four lltres: available from most good hardware shops, designed to prevent mould forming on in tenor walls and ceilings. It is hard wearing and has a finish suitable for surfaces cleaned regularly. Dulux's Supreme range offers a premium low-sheen emulsion with excellent mould resistance. It costs $80 a litre. or $340 for five litres, and has similar properties to the above.

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