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Replace laminate on plywood kitchen cabinet in Hong Kong

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I would like to replace the laminate on my plywood kitchen cabinets with a wood veneer. Is there a specific method for removing laminate? Should I treat the plywood cabinets before I apply the veneer, and what type of glue would you recommend?

Unless the laminate comes away easily don't try to remove it: you are likely to damage the plywood underneath, If the existing laminate is in decent condition and the edges are squared off rather than rounded, you could simply attach more wood vener. You should also look into the cost of creating new plywood doors finished in wood veneer because there may be a drastic price difference. Either way, if your budget allows, I recommend you contact a carpenter or another contractor to tackle the job to acheive a decent looking result.

Usually there is no need to treat plywood before laminating. The glue I recommend is Patlee Contact Adhesive by Henkel www. henkel-ac. com: available from Wing Lee Hardware and Metal Company 156 Wellington Street, Central.

For a large selection of wood veneers as well as formica laminate Go toHop Sze Timber Company at 425 Lockhart Road. Wan Chai. tel: 2833 6069.

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