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Revive a pine kitchen table in Hong Kong

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My pine kitchen table is looking the worse for wear. How can I revive it?

There are three ways of reviving wood - refurbishing, refinishing and stripping - with each process becoming progressively more difficult, messy and time consuming.

Assuming your table has been stained or varnished, sand thoroughly with a medium grade sandpaper: then, using wood filler, fill in chips, cracks or gaps.

When dry, sand until smooth, wipe with thinner, then apply a coat of primer if the wood is bare. If you want to varnish the table, I recommend Sikkens Cetol T5 Interior wood stain, around $200 per litre from Yuen Fat Ho, 77 Hollywood Road, Central, tel2516 8020, which comes in a variety of colours and is resistant to knocks, spills and abrasions.

Apply a coat of this, sand down when dry, then apply the second coat.

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