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The corners of my stair carpet are bare in Hong Kong

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The flat treads and risers on my stair carpet are in excellent condition, but the corner are almost threadbare. What would you recommend to cap the corners and where could I buy it?

Owing to Hong Kong's hot and humid climate, carpet isn't popular here so carpet accessories are not readily available. If you're willing to shop and ship from overseas, you will find ready-made nosing in bronze, timber, PVC, rubber,vinyl in a wide range of colours. If you want to attempt a solution from material available you could cap the stairs wilh strips of Iron, which are right-angled strips available from any metalwork store.

It's available in mild sleel, stainless steel or Iron and is typically used to mount air conditioners, cap metal stairs, frame windows and fix kitchen worktops. Ask the store to cut the strips to size, drill holes over the length, then secure through the carpet. Fix into the stairs with long screws available from Kam Sing atWellington St in Central. 2.5cm-thick angle-lron for $2 a foot and 5cm angle-iron for $5 a foot.

Alternatively, you could use wood, suit your stairway or match the banisters.

You could then take the necessary dimensions to Hop Sze Timber, 25 Lockhan Road. Wan Chal [tel: 28336069].

For something less conspicuous you could use strips of clear Perspex moulded Into right-angles-Do Hay Plastic Advertising at Gage Street, Central. They should be able to make them to order.

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