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Whats the best wood to build a Back Garden Gazebo in Hong Kong

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I've just bought an old village house with an outside patio area and would like to build a gazebo. What kind of wood would you suggest for Hong Kong"s climate and can you recommend a supplier? Should I treat the wood or leave It to weather naturally?

No matter whal type of wood you intend to use, whether an indigenous hardwood from a local timber merchant or a top quality limber imported from overseas, it will have to be able to withstand the weather's extremes. Strong UV rays can weather and warp wood rapidly, leaving itdull grey. In Western climes this can be appropriate, but In Hong Kong"s tropical environment it simply looks dulL

I suggest you go to Hop Sze Timber at 425 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai tel; 2833 60691 and discuss your options with the experts. Treated pine or cedar from Canada, or Balu wood from Southeast Asia, would be good choices.

Hop Sze Timber is also the local distributor of the excellent German Osmo Brand of environmentally friendly oils and preservatives, which derive from plants www.osmo.del. It stocks pine and teak oils, which .re water and dirt repellent as well as protective wood stain, which is weather- and UV-repellent All cost $240 for 500ml cans.

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