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I'm an amateur handyman, but as a Westerner I find my lack of Cantonese makes it hard to find certain products. Can you tell me where I can find a portable woodwork bench, rue-stain conditioner, grain-filler paste and sanding and scaling products?

I'm a regular visitor to hardware shops in Wan Chai and Mongkok, but I've never come across a woodwork bench. The most likely reason is that DIY isn't big business in Hong Kong, unlike in many Western countries where there is more space in which to work, such as garages and tool sheds.

Shops here cater to builders and contractors who knock together their own work benches from off-cuts of timber.

But were you to make a trip to Shenzhen you could visit B&Q 140GB North Lao An Road, Shenzhen 518023, tel; 86 755 2593 7788 which is one of Britain's biggest DIY home improvement chains, It stocks almost everything the amateur handyman might need.

If you want to establish whether it sells a particular product before you make the journey, e-mail manager Robert Zhaing at For the rest of the required products, I recommend Yun Fat Ho at 77 Hollywood Road, Central tel: 2546 9311.

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