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Improving your home in Hong Kong brings along a whole new set of challenges. High humidity often causes dampness and mould problems. The language difference adds to the difficulty of finding suitable shops and suppliers, and the uncertainty of where to receive trusted advice, along with working with the unique materials typically found in Hong Kong properties can all provide challenges and problems.

The links on this site, below, helps you to navigate through these unique challenges and provides you with tips and advice to save you time and money. Alternatively, if you are looking for someone to do the work to a high standard, then please contact me, Mark Fraser, using the contact information below.

About Mark Fraser

Mark Fraser has operated his company, CDI, in Hong Kong since 1996 and has renovated and improved hundreds of office, residential and entertainment venues in Hong Kong. Through this, he has attained detailed local knowledge, and through articles in the different sections of this web site, shares his knowledge with you.

Mark can be contacted at, Tel: +852 9219 8169.

Email at

WhatsApp: +852 9219 8169

His main company website is at CDI HK Painters, Decorators and Handyman

Picture of Mark Fraser the Hong Kong Painter and Decorator

Mark, in action, on Des Voeux Road outside the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in 1997


COVID19 Update - How we help keep you safe


These are unprecedentedly difficult times. We’ve seen people come together to show more support and more compassion towards each other and towards small businesses. As a society, we are resisting and surviving while making sure that work and life goes on.


The curve is flattening and by continuing social distancing practices, we are trying our best to continue Hong Kong’s down trend. This means that most of us are using this opportunity to spend more time at home with our loved ones. It’s the perfect time to improve the living environment and the space you share.


That’s where we come in. We are still operating our business, although in a scaled down capacity. Due to the special circumstances we’re living in, we are now offering exclusive discounts on painting jobs which we can do cleanly, quickly and with minimal disruption to your household.


Whether it’s freshening up a single wall, a small room, changing the colour of your favourite piece of furniture or painting your entire home–you can count on our services. We are currently offering a 20% discount on labour off our standard rates. For added protection, we will provide and use anti-viral, bacteria and mould resistant, odourless paint with low-VOC – in your choice of colour.


Rest assured, we test our temperatures daily, practice social distancing, making only essential trips and spend most of our time inside with our family members–just like you. We have not travelled in the last 2 months or been in contact with anyone who has, to the best of our knowledge. We always wear masks in public and can wear them when carrying out the work in your home as well.

If you are moving out of your apartment, we also offer a speedy reinstatement service for a swift return of your rental deposit. From patching holes where your picture-hooks and shelves were to touching-up the paint. On the other hand, if you’ve just moved in or relocated, we can help set-up your new home. Our other services such as creating custom-made furniture and home decoration are also back on track so get in touch to spruce up your living space.

Thank you for your support in these trying times.


We wish for good health for all our customers and your loved ones.




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